Driving legions of locals

Everybody loves a good ‘local’ — a place they can feel at home, where someone knows their name and they can order ‘the usual’. Somewhere that plays the music they like, makes their coffee just so, offers a familiar smile or a cheeky discount on their birthday. A place they’ll happily recommend to a friend.

Engaged Venue is all about ‘the local’. We’re a specialist marketing agency focused on the customer service and hospitality industries. We love nothing more than crafting clever tailored solutions that drive legions of locals (and their friends) to their favourite establishments time and time again.


How do we do it?

We don’t just build social media apps and send clients on their way. Engaged Venue is a full service marketing agency providing strategic, creative and technical services so our clients can focus on their core business. Where business needs a ‘boost’, we work with our clients to devise and deliver timely and effective promotions to bring crowds through the door.

We act as the marketing muscle with an arsenal of innovative digital marketing tools that enable our clients to really get to know their patrons, communicate with them in more meaningful ways, make them feel valued and deliver what they want, when they want it.


The results

Armed with rich customer data, engaging personalised communications, compelling and timely promotions and more relevant offerings, our clients are enjoying greater customer loyalty, fewer ‘quiet’ periods and outstanding revenue growth.

The Moorebank Hotel


members in 12 months


vouchers redeemed


revenue growth*

“Our customer database is growing every day, and is allowing us to learn more about our patrons than was ever possible before.”


The response

“The automated system has brought accountability and measurability to our workings within the venue. Our customer database is growing every day, and is allowing us to learn more about our patrons than was ever possible before.”

Matthew Lopez – The Moorebank Hotel

“Not only has revenue greatly increased since working with Engaged Venue, our customers also feel valued and appreciated. This has resulted in a great atmosphere within our hotels.”

Brendan Hood – DHI

“We love going to the Moorebank Hotel. The vouchers are a great idea, and we really look forward to receiving our specials!”

Moorebank Hotel customer

“What a great idea! My personalised website is great and the discounts are terrific. Thanks!”

Bligh Park Tavern customer

“We just love getting our discount vouchers. It makes the choice easy when deciding where to go out for dinner!”

Hunters Hill Club customer

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